Dracut write error

So what exactly is likely going on here? If I run it by hand after the failure, it has always succeeded. And this only occurs on intervals (or some conditions that I am not aware of).

dracut[I]: *** Creating image file '/efi/93045ab4ef68424ab5f28a69ebd09caf/6.9.8-arch1-1/initrd' ***
dracut[I]: *** Creating initramfs image file '/efi/93045ab4ef68424ab5f28a69ebd09caf/6.9.8-arch1-1/initrd' done ***
error: unable to write to pipe (Broken pipe)
(4/7) Reloading system bus configuration...

What should I look at that might provide info?

You can ignore that error.

I am not entirely sure what is causing it but it isn’t a failure of dracut to write the file.

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Huh Dalto, it seems you’re right. I hadn’t checked /efi yet…but both files appear to have been written. I had earlier had a case where linux and initrd were out of sync (resulting in unbootable)…and I just figured that’s what always happened…

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