Dracut warning

For the past few months, I have noticed the same dracut warning appearing during kernel upgrades:

dracut[I]: *** Creating image file '/efi/ca02aa71b8de4ad687d22b58a8db7b5a/6.9.1-arch1-2/initrd-fallback' ***
dracut[I]: *** Creating initramfs image file '/efi/ca02aa71b8de4ad687d22b58a8db7b5a/6.9.1-arch1-2/initrd-fallback' done ***
/etc/dracut.conf.d/eos-defaults.conf:omit_dracutmodules+=" network cifs nfs nbd brltty zfs"

dracut[W]: <key>+=" <values> ": <values> should have surrounding white spaces!
dracut[W]: This will lead to unwanted side effects! Please fix the configuration file.

I have the standard, LTS and zen kernels installed and the warning message regarding the config file appears to be the same for each kernel. I have used search engines to try and find an answer to no avail. Any tips? Appreciate it.

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You would need a white space between zfs and " in the conf file.



Thanks, done! I will see if that clears the warning next time I am upgrade. How serious an issue is it? I have been noticing this error for months…

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It’s just a warning and no error so I wouldn’t think it would pose a serious issue.

The missing white spaces lead to a problem when additional boot options are added to the config. The white space separates theoptions. ←

Aren’t those added to /etc/kernel/cmdline or /etc/default/grub for systemd-boot or grub respectively?

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