Downloading update takes... Too long

Hi, I was updating like usually this night and I never looked too much at it, but it was always taking a bit more than it used to take on something like Linux Mint to update it…

Apparently the downloading part is slow… Like very slow and I don’t get it why

I had to wait 10-12 minutes on a 500mbps ethernet to download 250 mb…

Should I change mirrors to global?

All my mirrors are as they were set… The installer set them all to Romania( cuz I’m in Romania)

I’m updating mirrors always before updating, but that’s not helping me at all… They’re still slow

For some reason I even had times when the downloading speed got to 0 when downloading the Nvidia 505 driver by pacman Aur updates…

If I recall correctly it went like 5-6 times to 0… and running speedtest and fast .com always indicated continuous download and upload speeds, even in gaming and under pressure

Try installing rate-mirrors and run this command:

rate-mirrors arch --max-delay 7200 | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist 

That should find fast mirrors regardless of where they are located. Limiting to a single country sometimes yields bad results.

So … Is this exact syntax copy pasted into terminal?

Yes. Just make sure you install rate-mirrors first.

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