Downloading and swtiching multiple DE's

So I went for the gnome DE on my first install. But in all honestly, despite liking it on ubuntu (and a little on fedora), im not liking it now.

In the installer, there are a lot of options. I didn’t install more than one, but if i did, I could just change between them on login- I assume.
I was looking for how to download and change DE but it seems to be more complex than I thought. Though, I wouldnt mind too much doing a new install this weekend.
So it begs the questions; Is installing sevral DE’s at install diffrent from instaling more DE’s aftrer install?
Or, to save issues, is it safer and better to just do a new install with one DE?

thank you

SOME of the choices work OK together. Others, not so much. Still others are OK if they are restricted to different users (which you add and login as before adding DEs). I can’t see a difference between choosing them at install or later - but the potential for confusing interactions (especially in the same /home dir) is quite high so I wouldn’t call it recommended!

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Thank you for your insight :slight_smile:

yes, I did see others saying seprate DE seprate users. Can this be done from install? Because I don’t think i want to confuse my pc too much!

Not from install, no. Adding later, under another name usually just takes a bit of looking up to see what the meta-packages are - AFAIK most of them are setup this way (for example XFCE needs package xfce4 and xfce4-goodies for a complete (but minimally configured) install). Other DEs have similar setup - easily discovered in the Arch wiki.

Grand, thanks. For now I will reinstall with a new DE, and another time look into adding other DE’s for my specific setup to avoid any complications.


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Welcome! The problem normally is removing the DE you don’t want after! You’ll have to carefully look various files and remove all their traces!