Downgrade a package coming from AUR repository

I’v installed both the downgrader and the downgrade package. I’ve used downgrader in the past and it works However I need to downgrade an AUR package, and none of these two seem to support that.

Moreover, I checked the cache in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ but I don’t see AUR packages there.

Any ideea how I can downgrade an AUR package to its previous version?

If you go to the AUR package on the website, in the right corner you can see viewPKGBUILD/view changes and click on it. Now you can see the info of all the versions.

Use the git command to get it.

i see. was thinking there must be a cache for aur packages stored somewhere just like the pacman cache

You have to backup AUR packages yourself, the Arch system isn’t going to do that for you.

### Package output

    By default, *makepkg* creates the package tarballs in the working directory and downloads source data directly to the `src/` directory. Custom paths can be configured, for example to keep all built packages in `~/build/packages/` and all sources in `~/build/sources/` .

    Configure the following `makepkg.conf` variables if needed:

    * `PKGDEST` — directory for storing resulting packages
    * `SRCDEST` — directory for storing [source]( data (symbolic links will be placed to `src/` if it points elsewhere)
    * `SRCPKGDEST` — directory for storing resulting source packages (built with `makepkg -S` )


yaourt had an option to create a cache for aur packages. Maybe yay can do that too, or pamac, etc

as joe stated the pkgdest in /etc/makepkg.conf should always do, and yay is almost like yaourt offcourse, …

It depends on if you are using an AUR helper that keeps a cache or not. I use pikaur which does keep a local cache I don’t know if yay does or not. if you download the package directly form AUR and makepkg then there is no cache other than what you save. you can download older versions for the pkgbuild file directly for the AUR by selecting view changes

yay sets the builds in .cache but trizen in /tmp/ personal i like yay :slight_smile: only to edit pkgbuild you need with yay , yay --editmenu xxx , is a bit more then trizen, building cache is always nice if you also use ccache to shorten the compile on a update or something…

i’m using trizen, so your /tmp mention was usefull

i think you can set differently i think never looked in it… mayby i do that one day to look more, but /tmp/ will loose everyboot i guess…

not quite. maybe it gets cleared sometime, but i can see pretty old packages cached there by trizen… like a few months old (about when i started using trizen). and i ran into space issues in the last weeks (accidentally filled my drive to the brim), but that didn’t trigger a /tmp/ clean.

hah ok i had once filled my sdd to almost full cause antergos didnt install home on second drive lol but fixed by moving the home to the other disk and fstab it