Doubt about an extra function in xfce

Good evening guys, I would like to know if it is possible to get the resize of the wm tilling in a DE as xfce. I saw that such a function was possible in gnome so I suppose there was some way for the other DEs, I need it to see several things at once without having to adjust the size by hand.

PS: I don’t use a wm tilling because I hate setting things up for many hours ahaha.

Can’t answer precisely, because I don’t use that feature set - but I see options in the Window Manager screen, and Window Manager tweaks/Accessibility screen which reference auto tiling. I suggest going to xfce/docs to see what they have for you.

Oh - and the reason I don’t use that? I use the workspaces to set up default interactions between programs that are likely to be used together, spaced as needed. (use wmctrl to place them all on startup).

The xfce forum is a friendly place too. I’ve only been on it a few times but the guys were very helpful and polite. :smiley:


You can use a tiling WM inside Xfce. So Xfce environment, but windows will be tiled.

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Below tutorial doesn’t seems to be that hard. It does give you better tilling function. Or you can slap in AwesomeWM but you stated you don’t like to customize.

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I’ve heard that setup is super simple. The guy who wrote it was pretty thorough through the install process.

Yep, he is, don’t know how he kept it together that long. I think he’s still searching for the yellow brick road :tongue:

Automatic, i.e. simultaneous resizing of side-by-side (tiled) windows works with xpytile, a Python script for XFCE.

xpytile offers several tiles for automatic tiling (which can be selected and turned on/off per workspace) as well as that simultaneous resizing of docked windows.

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