Double dash is transformed to an EM DASH on mobile phone

I noticed a double dash is automatically transformed to an EM DASH which is a little bit unlucky for long options.

I just tested it for search, title, reply and the Name and Email field on my profile. All positive with same behavior.

I am currently using an iPhone 14 if this is relevant.


For anyone stumbling over it maybe this helps

Go to Settings > General > Keyboards and turn on Smart Punctuation. When I shut off Smart Punctuation, I got 2 dashes and when turned on, it showed the em dash in Messages.

If that does not solve the problem, you could try the “Text Replacement” option on that same settings page.

Well, if it’s any consolation, double dashes show as double dashes in code tags (preformatted text):

-- double dash --

So at least there’s that…


I am not sure if that is really true since I made a post with a command inside a code tag an is was still an EM DASH.

Edit: misunderstood your answer. But a don‘t know what you mean. I will lookup the thing with performatted text :smiley:

- double dash -

Discourse doesn’t do that inside a code tag.

Are you sure it isn’t your phone/keyboard/browser doing that?


Do you see double dashes in the example in my previous post?

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Yes I can see the double dashes in your post. Seems like this is coming from my phone/browser/keyboard as @dalto meant.

Thanks for clarification and sorry for not checking other websites first.


I was just referring to the “preformatted text” button on the Reply box toolbar. It’s another way to add code tags, there are 3 ways:

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I was forced to use the reply box toolbar button for preformatted text since my keyboard doesn’t have the grave accent but somehow it was also reformatted into an EM DASH after posting the reply. I don’t know. I edited the initial post with a solution which could help. In my case it did, see
-- :slight_smile:

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