Double Click Settings for EndeavourOS

Hey! I’m a Minecraft player and relatively new EndeavourOS user and I was wondering how one would go about configuring double click settings on Endeavour. Double clicking (Butterfly clicking) is an important PvP strategy on Minecraft, hence my desire to configure the setting.

Currently running Hyprland on xWayland

I found a couple of posts on it, but they’re for KDE Plasma and not what I’m currently running. ( – figured they’d be a way from the terminal to configure the setting.

( for ubuntu – similar setting) (github issue that originally brought up that it’s OS-specific)

never used it but did you look at xdotool
I guess there’s documentation somewhere (and there’s always the man pages)

Hey! Thanks for the response. It looks good but doesn’t really fulfill my purpose as it seems to be leaned towards automation; I’m sure the setting itself most likely exists somewhere but can’t seem to find any documentation on it (as KDE Plasma modifies something to set the value inherently)

What’s the current mouse-click behavior on your system? Clicking both mouse buttons simultaneously currently doesn’t work on your system?

Nope it works fine. Double clicking is a common technique in Minecraft PvP so hence I needed to reduce the debounce time requirement.

I found a solution online, here’s the steps I followed (I have a Roccat Kone Pro) for anyone else that has the issue:



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