Don't forget to recompile optimus-manager AUR after upgrading to python 3.9.0

Or your optimus-manager.service will not start and you will get black screen after booting. Detail is in this issue




I am wondering, is there any way to hook AUR package via PKGBUILD so when it’s dependency is upgraded that AUR package will be automically recompiled. Something like when I upgrade linux header then all the dkms will also be recompiled.

Not really - it’s a package description file, so when you use the AUR you are the packager and so responsible for maintaining your local packages.

Thanks that explains a lot! had lots of fun yesterday night…

I had to wipe optimus and for some reason my nvidia dkms driver also was problematic. The only way for me to get back to my DE was to wipe that driver and install the nvidia (not dkms). Odd since I have a new nvidia quadroT2000. Didnt want to start a thread before doing some research. I also followed the EOS wiki.

What is the command you use to recompile optimus? I tried to reinstall optimus after having wiped it but it does not seem to work. Will have to try later, for now just wiped it.

I think they should move optimus into the arch repo, since its quite fundamental and having a hybrid intel/nvidia is common on 2020 laptops. Doesnt make sense to me to have to rely on AUR for this.

optimus manager is build on python, when on a new python it need to rebuild in most time. mayby is a python jump to 4 you have to look what generally change but python stuf just needed to rebuild then should be ok…

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Thinking more, there’s not an obvious way to repackage as a hook runs as root (so makepkg will refuse to run).

However, it’s at least possible to flag packages which need a rebuild (or at the very least highlight files that are in the wrong place now).


there’s not an obvious way to repackage as a hook runs as root (so makepkg will refuse to run).

If I understand correctly yay also run makepkg but asking for root password sometime. Do you think it is possible to implement that automatic hook at package manager level? if yes then I will open feature request at yay’s github.

Well, it is my first experience that I must recompile AUR package after it’s run dependency upgraded. I fine with recompile, but would it be more better if package manager do that for me?


was looking for some hook that check those out… auto rebuilds works if upstream from aur also change or flagged to rebuild otherwise a packagemanager will not work or is just to late…Probably need some pacman hook as example that looks intoo in likes of pacman and gcc in major updates to send notes to update from aur also. if someone got those hooks imsure @manuel weel peek at that too and that got to implant if it works. there is broken packages hook but dont think it wil work that way.

Could that help?

Hi @Toni

Thank you very much for your warning which saved me a lot of time !
So, I used these commands to recompile optimus-manager :

yay -S optimus-manager
yay -S optimus-manager-qt

It did the job without any difficulty.