Dolphin - slow?

Anyone else seeing this?

Nothing in logs or terminal.

Forced an fsck and rebooted, no apparent filesystem issues.

  1. Is the issue specific to dolphin? Are other GUI file managers affected?
  2. Does the issue occur for a smaller directory? Or just the Downloads directory specifically? Maybe you have a large directory in Downloads?
  3. Is the issue still reproducible after downgrading dolphin to an older version?
  1. Installed pcmanfm - works fine.

  2. Any folder

  3. Yes, tried downgrading, last two versions in cache, rebooted several times just incase.

Are any of dolphin’s dependencies upgraded recently? Try to check with paclog.

Do you happen to have package


installed? If so, uninstalling it might help.

How the hell did that get there! This machine is Plasma & Hyprland only, sneaky little… Thanks!


Maybe a dependency of a sneaky package… :wink:

I’m having this issue and I don’t have xdg-desktop-portal-gnome installed.

Please start a new thread as this is solved already.
And you can use the eos-log-tool app for showing logs.

I went out after posting this, @k4ever07 is correct - it is the icon theme that causes the problem. I reset my themes and removed the Gnome portal, when I reverted to the icon theme I like, dolphin is more like a sea slug (with a limp).

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Great that the real reason was found! :+1:

Trying to help is often more or less a kind of guessing, unfortunately.
The best others can do is give some tips that have helped is other rather similar cases, but of course cases usually are a bit different which can make the reason different too.

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