Dolphin Settings

Is there some way to restore dolphin back to default settings?
I was playing around trying to get dolphin to fit my second monitor
screen automatically. Now I have no minimize/maximize buttons,and also,I
cannot access special windows settings to undo what I changed.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Can you find a file called


In your configs folder?

Make a backup of that file and then delete that file and check if your issue is solved.

A log out and log in is probably necessary to see the changes


Better still - go browse your system snapshots and restore files from before you started tampering.

If I can’t figure it out, I usually just set it to restore a 2 day old snapshot and go make coffee whilst it’s working.

When I come back, the worst problem is usually that of my Plex server getting a bit confused about what was watched.

I don’t think many users have btrfs on home subvolume. We can’t assume that the OP has that.


And no chance to use Rsync to another partition or drive? I can’t imagine life without snapshots or backups since Linux Mint some 8 years ago.

Before you do any of the previous suggestions:

Please go to Settings > Window Management > Window Rules.

Check to see if there is a rule there for Dolphin. If so, delete it or edit it.

If not, go to Settings > Appearance > Window Decorations

One of these should fix your current situation.


Thank you so much, this fixed the problem. :grinning:


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