Dolphin in Plasma can't compress more than a 4GB sized zip file?

Not sure why it stops at 4GB exactly but is this a limitation of Dolphin? Would a different file explorer get past this, or could this be a Plama limitation?

Thank you

It’s not a limitation of Dolphin nor of Plasma. I just compressed 5.7GB to a 5.3GB zip file.

Are you doing this on a USB flash drive, by any chance?

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Yes I am using an external HD on USB. I read that larger limits can be achieved directly through Ark, but every time i try to compress into a large zip after a few mins it give me the error, “Failed to open archive: No such file”

Do you think I need to transfer the files to a permanent hard drive first? It’s an odd error to be getting.

If the USB drive is formatted to fat32, that would be the issue. fat32 has a maximum file size limit of 4GB.

Split the zip archive into multiple volumes (you can do this via Dolphin’s GUI by choosing “Compress to” and selecting “7-zip archive” and “Multi-volume Archive”), or copy the files you want to compress to a HDD/SSD to compress them.


Ah crap, totally spaced on that!! Its vfat so yep =(

Thank you Stagger!

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