Dolphin: How to make Style per Folder

So, I use KDE. And ofc Dolphin. My normal sort of files is alphabetical per file name, in compact view. For certain folders/mounts/whatever I want it to behave different. For example the Download folder should be sorted after the last change date, so newest files on top. If I choose “Remember Style for each folder” I get the following result (in the background):

Instead of this (achieved via setting “Use common display style for all folders” and then set to sort by foldername via clicking on the top bar:

Problem must be somewhere between chair and keyboard, what gives? Help please o allmighty EOS forum. I want “Remember per folder”, but with the lower view…

I am not sure I see an obvious difference between the top and the bottom.

Can you explain what you are expecting to see?

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I’m stupid, while I was focusing to not have something appear in the screenshot that should not be visible (for example my elster certificate, named elster_firstname_lastname.pfx) I completely failed to show the issue. Sometimes I am VERY stupid, sorry for that. Here is a better one:

I am referring to the tree-like thingy on the left. This information is not necessary, don’t want it, I can read the date if I need to know when the file was created.

I never noticed that before, when you use common display you lose the section separators.

Since I find the those really useful, it never bothered me. I don’t see an obvious way to change that but it could be hidden there somewhere.

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Oh, I found that setting.

It is in more->view->show in groups

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I just found another - more stupid - way to find this setting. Thanks to you mentioning “group seperators” and some DDG magic I stumbled ocver this reddit thread:
Well… yours is WAY more easy to find if you know what you are looking for. TYVM!

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