Dolphin-emu will no longer start after recent system upgrade

I think two or three package upgrades was when it stopped working. It was after a bunch of qt6 packages were upgraded that dolphin would no longer start. If I run it from a terminal it just says: “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”. It gives me no other detail so I’m none the wiser why it won’t work anymore. Has anyone else had this issue? At the moment I am using KDE Plasma but it doesn’t open regardless of desktop environment

Reinstall if it is an AUR package and make sure you cleanBuild it.

I was using the one from the repo and just removed it now and built the one from AUR and it still gives the same result. This is what the log said: - it seems to be broken after qt6 got upgraded. Could it be from using the release candidate of Plasma?


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Thanks. I suppose I will have to wait until Plasma is properly released.

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