Dolphin doesn't show file creation date from KDE Framework 6.2 - Confirmed by KDE

Recently I noticed that Dolphin file manager does not show any of the file’s creation time anymore (it was showing this info, few days ago…). Be it a directory or a file. The files are under my /home folder of course. Checked this on multiple installs over my computers, everywhere its the same symptom.

If I stat a specific file from the terminal, it gives back the creation time.

Checked now with a live enviroment, and Dolphin shows the file creation time.

What happened?

Screenshots for clarification.

Live enviroment

Actual install

I was thinking maybe its wayland vs x11, but then I tried to swith, and its not it.
I noticed that Live has KDE Framework 6.1, while my actual install is already at 6.2. Could it be it?
Dolphin’s version is the same on my installed sys and on live (24.02.2)

If I remember correctly you can right click on dolphin’s column headline (in details view) and check which columns to show.

Edit: sorry, just saw you meant the properties window for a file, not the giid.

Thanks, I already did those, but its not that unfortunately, plus it is only affecting the view itself, it has no relation to the actual properties window. As you can see, in the properties window (and consequently nowhere else), Dolphin doesn’t show creation date by its nature at the moment so its something oddish happening under the hood.

Also I’ve done a Dolphin setting reset to factory defaults. It’s an untouched file explorer now. Out of the box, it works on live, but not on my actual install, and I noticed that frameworks was updated yesterday… Maybe its that idk, I’m gonna try to downgrade it (Edit2: unable to downgrade it :sob: )

Edit1: yes its alright :slight_smile:
And don’t get me wrong, I’d ofcourse use the outside view if I could, but right now I can’t, because Dolphin is struggling with it at the moment, which is bad because I’ve got tons of files, and I always order those by file creation date, in the file view or tree view

Ok, just did a clean offline install from the live iso into a virtualbox, which has the 6.1 kde framework. After I installed, Dolphin shows every data. After I performed the update, it obviously updated itself to 6.2 kde framework, and then Dolphin didn’t show any creation date after that.

Gonna file a bug report to KDE team, because now its clear that something broke on their end …yet again.


Just a heads up, KDE team addressed my report, they confirmed it, and now they already made a merge request, hopefully its gonna fix up things. :crossed_fingers:


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