Dolphin/CP - Copying from Files doesn't show progress anymore


After some of the recent updates, somehow I’ve got some issues with the dolphin File Manager. I’m pretty much unable to copy files as there is no progress shown at all.
Even copying a 3GB Folder to a USB Drive is shown as fully copied in a second. Which can’t be the case, when I try to eject the drive I get the Message Files are still transferring, but also I can’t see the Progress there.

I’ve reformated the Drive to Exfat and Ext4 to check if the FAT32 File System was causing issues there. Copying from the Internal SSD to Internal HDD also show the same issue.

Copying via CP from Terminal also have the same issue somehow.

Anyone has an Idea on how to fix this?

I get that sometimes on some devices – mp3 players in particular.

I use iostat to see what’s really going on with the devices, and see how fast they’re writing to get an estimate. Not the most user-friendly but heh.

I just watch the flashing light on the flash drive or usb to sata drive to tell me when the writing has stopped. I have been doing that since day one of flash drives on every operating system. When the blinking stops, or has changed to a dull, slow pulse, the writing has usually stopped. :grin:

If you really want to know they’re done…just issue the ‘sync’ command in a terminal.

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