Does Vivaldi (Snapshot) have it's own VPN?

What Vivaldi shows me:

What firefox shows me (this is what I expect :smiley: ):

Piratebay is blocked in the UK, but apparently vivaldi is ignoring it :smiley:

Can’t see anything in the settings…

What extensions are you using in Vivaldi?

Nothing that will affect this, just the usual ad blockers and a few utilities. BTW this is snapshot, not stable, stable blocks it.

Did they implement DoH in snapshot?


Interesting results you’re getting. However, I use VV stable as my daily driver, and I can prove that it doesn’t have a VPN installed. I use OPENDNS on my router/network to handle the web’s nastier places, so that my kids are not smothered in porn. I cannot get to a porn site through VV. But (and don’t tell the kids!) if I open Opera and use it’s “vpn” it is possible to get to a porn site.

Yeh, really weird, I meant to post of the vivaldi forum about it but forgot! Always tomorrow :smiley:

I have read somewhere - albeit long time ago - that vivaldi and opera - the opera devs sold out to China and started vivaldi - is offering some kind of proxying as to speed up mobile connections.

Maybe what you have experienced is such proxy.

Potentially. I will post on their forum, later, have a medical appointment. Would have done this yesterday, but it was too hot to think and I was trying to recover my emacs config after I converted to the straight package manager, but am up and running again :smiley: