Does the new Bootloader work with BTRFS & Snapper?

Hi guys

I’ve been having some irritating breakages with OpenSUSE lately and keep flip-flopping between Eos and Tumbleweed. My main reason for using Tumbleweed was the way it handles snapshots and it also had better gaming performance but there are so many issues now, which seem to be related to codecs and X, that I have pretty much decided I am going to come back and stay on Eos. I still like Tumbleweed but it’s just too flaky for me.
Anyway, my main question is does the new bootloaded work with snapper and in particular the brilliant btrfs-assistant which sets everything up with no hassle? So basically, can I just install Eos, install btrfs-assistant, reboot and it’s all set?

I also have another question, regarding my Graphics card, as I’ve already said, gaming was better (higher FPS) on Tumbleweed but I realised that it could be down to the graphics driver that was installed by default with Tumbleweed. I have a MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT GAMING X 8GB and would be really grateful if someone could tell me which packages to install for the best performance under Eos.

Thanks guys

It depends what you mean. In general yes, it all works great.

However, you may be better off sticking with grub if you want to boot off of your snapshots directly. EOS offers both systemd-boot and grub in the installer and you can choose which you prefer.

I am no expert on this, but here is what I use:


I use the same drivers as @dalto has listed for my RX 590 and I’m also using btrfs with btrfs-assistant. I’m not very good at understanding all there is about snapshots but i recently switched back to grub to have the snapshots listed on boot. One of these days i might try to actually use it.

Do you need lib32-libva-mesa-driver too?

I don’t personally need that but certainly it wouldn’t hurt to add it for someone who does.

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