Does the distro contain a Firewall by default

does the distro contain a Firewall by default.

i am planning to setup a Firewall on my notebook.

which one do you suggest to use?!


indeed we do install and enable a modern secure firewall per default, as @BS86 mentioned it is firewalls.

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hi there - many thanks BSD86 and JoeKamprad (the’ doctor) -
great to hear i will check this out and will go the first steps in setting up and configuring . - hope that this is not too difficult :wink:

There’s no setup required necessarily. It’s enabled by default. If you need to make adjustments - for kdeconnect for example, just open firewalld and check it under “permanent.” That’s pretty much it. It’s very simple.


yes sure as @fbodymechanic mentioned the firewall is enabled by default using default config that will fir most common usecase… changes are needed on cases… like the need to connect devices like smartphone or printer over network.

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