Does Pamac no longer support AUR packages?

Very noob question. I’ve just updated my system and noticed Pamac-all had an update. Nice! UI has changed(kinda stupid IMO) but looks pretty much the same… where are my AUR packages? Has anyone else experienced this? AUR packages seem to be completely removed.

The settings menu no longer has the AUR tab either. Strange.

Pamac is my favorite method to install and update my applications. Does anyone know if this is an issue or a bug? A quick check with the AUR package comments and I can’t seem to find any relevant information about this.

Hello, it was only deactivate, you go in preference to reactivate it.

The AUR tab in the settings menu is entirely gone in the new UI. Am i missing somthing.

It is still there on my machine.

This looks like the old version. The UI is completely different in mine. I’ll post a screen shot when J get back to my machine

Version 10.0.3

pamac-aur-git 10.0.3.r2.gf33616b-3
and AUR is working as expected.

Performed a full reinstall and the issue went away.

Not sure what triggered this phenomenon but for now it is solved.

It is not the first time that AUR packages have problems… :frowning:

Nope. The issue is back at it on my desktop.
The latest version is indeed installed 10.0.3 to be precise
Pamac Bug

AUR seems in some troubles with Pamac 10.0.3.

See these commits:

They will be included in pamac 10.0.4 when it will be released.