Does it really make a sense to have a terminal only spin for EOS

I just came across Install Arch Linux as fast as possible
would love a terminal only EOS, on top of which i can install Qtile + Xonsh + Kitty for example.

Atleast can someone suggest edits for the titus script (shown in the video), so that it does same thing for EOS.

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Why not use the archinstall script and do a Vanilla Arch install?

You get a “canvas” to do whatever you like with.

Qtile requires an xserver/wayland compositor… So it would not be terminal only.

i meant to start with a terminal only and do whatever anyone wants on top of it. instead of install the default packages, add a new WM and then remove the default one.

Just install eos-base-package in the installer.
Nothing else.
Reboot and log into TTY.

Correction: eos-bas-package >> eos-base-group.

Just install Arch Linux, and from there you’re open to go in any direction.

(Linked page updated in Feb. 2023)

Else, go by the ArchWiki:

As for Arch install-scripts, I can’t say many positive things. Tried them last 1-2 yrs. ago and they were still a mess. They may have greatly improved by now, but I loved to learn setting up Arch Linux “by hand”. :wink:


Doesn’t make it very accessible to new users does it? Booting to a command prompt is so 1970s :rofl:


yeap, but how about a middle ground …
and i get EOS convenience scripts from this terminal.

remember my first linux installation on a corporate environment in the 90s. copied to a floppy disk from or something and installed it on the desktop. result there was kernel panic and i too panicked

That’s the middle ground:

The convenience of a graphic installer.
A blank sheet to do what you want with.

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Your system, your rules… The accepted norm is a graphical installer and a dm.

If you wish to produce a community spin that matches your expectations, go ahead.

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