Does eos-rankmirrors update the mirror list before ranking?

What it says in the title. Today I ran into this issue, and I’m attempting to diagnose the root cause.

It seems like it has something to do with one of the mirrors going down. Their registrar’s account suspension page incorrectly returns HTTP 200 instead of an error code, so pacman downloads the error page thinking it’s the Endeavour OS package DB, causing a corrupted DB.

I was getting 404s (presumably from the dead mirror) and ran eos-rankmirrors to try fixing the problem. If it doesn’t download the latest mirror list before ranking the mirrors, that would explain why it didn’t fix the problem. (And, combined with the seemingly incorrect HTTP code, caused a corrupted DB.)

eos-rankmirrors should use the latest available list of mirrors, first from the package cache, or alternatively from the development site.

To have some more info about the issue, please show the contents of file
Note that the latest ranking result can be in file

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