Does EndeavourOS have a Konsole theme, like it has with the XFCE terminal?

Pretty self-explanatory question

I don’t think we include a custom konsole theme.

As a side note, I find that variants of the “Fluent” konsole theme to be EndeavourOS-like.

I tried to install it, but I get this:
Scheme “Fluent Konsole colors” failed to load.
But yes it looks very EndeavourOS-like

If the store isn’t working, you can download and install it manually. konsole themes are easy to install.

I can’t find the install local theme option, where is it :joy: ?

Just copy the *.colorscheme files to ~/.local/share/konsole

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I downloaded it from every place possible but the Breeze theme was shown instead. I’ll to make my own, thanks!

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