Does anyone use discord?

I’m trying to figure out why when I join an audio channel on discord eventually every starts sounding like robots and it gets choppy.

Does this happen to anyone else?

My kids use sometimes discord with the discord desktop app. I have never heard them saying that they had that problem.
I have sometimes a similar problem with a USB soundbar. To solve the choppy sound I am changing the sound output device from analog to digital and back and then the sound is clear.
I do not know if this helps with your problem.

I use discord, but I haven’t tried voice with it.

I know teams and zoom both work well on my install.

I will try that.

My guild and I use discord a lot and use the voice feature on it as well. Never had a problem. Is your sound only distorted on discord? If so it might be the server your connecting to, there is an article in discord troubleshooting about robotic or distorted sounding voices. of course is for the admin of the server so it might not be helpful.
To see if it is server side try connecting to a different server. Self Hosted linux podcast