Does anyone know how to properly set up an orange pi?

I was working on a project with a raspberry pi, but later came to a realization that I will likely need more power, so I had to switch to using orange pi, I was trying to set up a Raspbian with it but couldn’t find any resources, is there a good way to set up a Raspbian or do I have to use a different OS?


I don’t see how Orange Pi is related to EndeavourOS.

I believe your question is better asked on the Orange Pi forum

Or other Orange Pi related web places:

Afaik, Orange Pi has an ARM processor. EndeavourOS does not support ARM as of now.


Here is information of the new unofficial official EnOS ARM installer minus Calamares.


So far EnOS does not support either the Orange Pi 5 or Orange Pi 5 Plus.
The Orange Pi 5 uses the Rockchip RK3588S
The Orange Pi 5 Plus uses the Rockchip RK3588

This is like the Radxa rock 5A and 5B
The Radxa Rock 5A uses the Rockchip RK3588S
The Radxa Rock 5B uses the Rockchip RK3588

Currently Archlinux ARM does not offer any kernels or boot files for these chipsets.
I have not found a Archlinux PKGBUILD to compile said CPUs. So until then, we will not be able to offer any images for them.

What model of the Orange Pi do you have?



I apologize, I thought endeavourOS could work with raspberry pi and similar controllers.
After reading the research I figured armbian would go best. I found some good installation instructions:

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When you get Armbian up and running, come back and let us know how it worked out for you.