Does Alien still work for converting packages?

Just wondering if anyone has experience using alien to convert .deb to .rpm? I’ve never found the need to use it in the past, but there is one application I want to use on Tumbleweed that is only available on Debian via .deb

I ask because I do realize it hasn’t been maintained for quite some time and aren’t sure if it’s even worth bothering with anymore?

Since no one here uses either of those formats, you may have much better luck asking at openSUSE.

Will building it from the source be an option?

It’s proprietary software by Synology and besides the .deb link on their website, the only other place it exists is in the AUR, thankfully.

A bit of a bummer because I use my Tumbleweed system for work and I need access to my self-hosted notes.

I know of one other method using distrobox, but I am trying to see if I can avoid that, so I don’t have to keep it running in the background.

14 aur/synology-note-station 2.2.4_703-1 [+15 ~0.00]

So build it, then copy it across?

There is not much there!!

Are you suggesting I extract the code from the AUR and use RPMBUILD on Tumbleweed?

Build it, extract the .zst archive (on the tumbleweed machine) and copy to the same locations, manually. 2 minute job.

sudo cp -r ~/temp/opt /opt/synology-note-station
sudo cp ~/temp/usr/share/application/synology-note-station /usr/applications

etc etc etc.

oh and symlink to /usr/bin :smiley: