Docker on Raspberry Pi

Do any one of you run Docker containers on the Raspberry Pi.
What are your experiences? Any tips and tricks?
I’m planning to run some docker containers for my website.

Here is a good article I found:

I’ve never used docker before

I use it on my RP4. Runs good. No issues so far. If I really need it for my RP, that is another question though.

But just try it out, nothing wrong about learning it.

Getting started with Docker for Arm on Linux

Also look out for docker-compose, not just docker.

If you run something like DietPi as your OS, then its really easy to install Docker with the software “center”.

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I did, but I bought a Orange Pi Zero 2 for my mediocre needs in Docker. I am running Wireguard w/ pihole and have my phone connected to this as I cannot stand all of the ads.

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