Do you trust Firefox's sync feature?

Main thing for me with Firefox sync is the fact that I can roll my own sync server. This is on my to do list.

You might want to take a look on this filterlist, this is going to remove all junk on most popular sites:

I have used Firefox sync for years. Bitwarden handles my passwords. As for real sensitive passwords, such as banking etc…, They are stored locally in KeepassXc.
For most of my accounts I use 2FA using Authy.
For my modest needs I feel that’s suffcient.


I do. However, I use Bitwarden for my login/passwords - so Firefox sync just sets up the browser for me really.

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Shortly after the introduction, I started using the sync feature. It has helped me many times when it seemed like I forgot, and I also like to know what pages I’ve been browsing before. I don’t have to reinstall all the supported add-ons after a new FF installation, etc. Who doesn’t trust this feature, why not?

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I don’t know what to say, i’ve never used firefox sync, i don’t even backup my firefox profiles and i use firefox main branch, dev and nightly and i import bookmarks from all them manually, i always install my addons on each browser on a clean install, i don’t mind doing that, i might try the sync feature for firefox developer-edition since i have over 3000 bookmarks there and i update that daily. for passwords i use keepassxc.