Do you report bugs in

I have a problem with running QGIS and GRASS GIS. I understand that the Bug Report category here, is meant for EOS only and not for applications/AUR packages.

Do you then report you bugs at I tried to register there but I get not past the Bot check question as the value in BUG_REPORT_URL='' is not the right one I guess.

Do you fill-in this field with another URL?

If you want to report a bug there. You should to test it on a plain Arch system first.

They won’t accept bugs from EOS.

Also, that is for bug reports, not questions/troubleshooting so make sure you can clearly explain the bug.

Lastly, if the bug is with the actual program and not the packaging of it, you are better off reporting it to them.


This is the line from the file mentioned:


Is it okay to post it here?

If you’re sure it’s related to the package itself, I would just post a bug report there. At least that’s what I did when I still used EOS. But be aware, people won’t be happy if they find out you’re not using vanilla arch, which is somewhat understandable.

The same is for Archlinux. Why don’t you explain your bug?
Archlinux can do as much as they develop. Whatever code they have produced, including package building, and PKGBUILDs. Archwiki docs may belong in those, as well.

Whatever is not in the above, is not an Archlinux bug, but you can ask in the Forum, and get some help.

Something similar is for every distro, I guess… :person_shrugging:

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Thank you for the responses. To clarify, I am trying to install QGIS. Any of the “versions” available via Pacman ( or AUR ( Without going into details (it’s not the place here, anyway, to post such), it’s a package that can be installed via pacman. Where else would you report a “build” problem, for example, if not to the provider of the “building instructions” (package)? Do I really need install Arch to debug this in order to be able to report eventually a bug? This feels like a show-stopper – I work with many different programs like this one. It’s essential to have quick access to such programs.

For the AUR packages, you would report them to the maintainers of the AUR packages.

It is hard to give better advice without understanding the specifics of the issue you are facing.

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Maybe slightly unrelated, but have you tried the flatpak?

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I have tried everything : all packages, Flatpak as well. Unfortunately, none of the available packages works currently for me. I just don’t want to compile from source, not needed currently. If a package does not build, it comes natural to create an issue for this after having retried a couple of times. Well, I was sort of surprised that I could not register. But I understand now.

ps- In the past I was always doing stuff like ( (this is an old contribution of mine)

If neither the repo package nor the flatpak works, it probably isn’t a packaging problem but a problem with the software itself. You should probably start by reporting it to the developers, not Arch.

Maybe. May be that the packages need some maintenance. Happens all the time. I don’t think it’s a problem with QGIS – thinking out of experience here.

This would not say much to Arch devs. It’s an opinion. Everyone is entitled to have one. :wink:

Since you asked for opinions, or whatever, here’s how things work:

Packaging is creating the proper code for a PKGBUILD. If this file has bugs, the dev will appreciate a bug report. His first question will probably be, “Which part of the code requires modification?”. If you can’t answer, you have to provide a way for the dev to reproduce the bug. If the bug cannot be reproduced by the dev, or someone else, they can’t do much, and they won’t chase a possible bug “because you think so”, even if it is a real bug.

Yes, as well as wrong bug reports, for bugs that happen only on one system (the reporter’s :joy: ).

In programming, there is no much value on opinions, rather than on requests for modification of specific part of code. Can you propose what needs to be changed in the PKGBUILD file?

Additionally, before you report a possible bug at Arch bug tracker, have you checked other bug trackers for info, or a similar issue, reported there and got answers? (I would expect that you should have mentioned that… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )
Support for Flatpak proposed in vendor’s page. (I think this is the vendor’s main support page)
AUR page proposed in vendor’s page.


I think this URL should have to do with Arch. I haven’t tried yet, but, if something is confusing, I would read the manual, or any usage instructions.

Good luck and have fun.
Ελπίζω να τσικνίσατε ευχάριστα, σήμερα. :meat_on_bone: