Do you guys play Minecraft and If so whats your opinion on it?

So I love playing Minecraft in the both the Java edition and bedrock edition of the game and its been one of my favorites games ( my other favorite is Roblox) . In my opinion. its not a bad game but due to the recent drama regarding Mojang adding the chat reporting feature in the latest version of Java edition i will say that the game is a ok game to some extent in my opinion

I quite like Minecraft, I’ve played it since Beta 1.3. It all went to :poop: when Micro$oft acquired it, now you need a windoze account to play it. I hate that.

And they’ve added frogs to it in the latest version… It’s a damn shame.



Give Minetest a try, you may like it if you enjoy Minecraft



Minetest in my opinion is pretty good and I might try out but for multiplayer pvp 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 servers Minecraft is kinda the best for that

Yea incredibly annoying and with the chat reporting feature it just ruined minecraft with hackers and spammers can now abused the system and get innocent players banned in the 1.19.1 and up version of Java edition of minecraft

I play it with my friends sometimes. We used to play on aternos but since I got 24gb of ram I started to host it on my pc, and what a journey that was (still need to figure out how to fix the rubber banding and crashing though). It’s a nice game although if your friends’ interests don’t allign with yours you won’t have a particularly fun time. To get around big brother microsoft we use cracked versions (I hope this doesn’t go against the forum rules).

The battle mechanic sucks and I hate the new Microsoft crap but otherwise its fine.