Do y'all think that being interested in Linux is a sign of autism?

I remember when I first began using Linux, there were some videos from people who used Linux where they called themselves autistic for using it and for other bits of their life. I wonder if that is really true. I don’t believe it is, since it seems being on the spectrum is kinda hard and requires some really specific behaviors, but I don’t know, to be honest. I wanna see what y’all think too.

I think it’s a sign of being interested, not a sign of autism. Autism has a wide spectrum, not only linux.


Being autistic is not a prerequisite for using Linux.

However, if you are, then there is real chance you will be interested in all sort of “odd” things including Linux. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Yer but nah, would depend upon a whole heap of other stuff too

Definitely, it should be in the handbook.


No, and, speaking more generally, the notion that having curiosity or intellect comes with the “baggage” of some sort of social challenge is a societal mind-f__k and a major pet-peeve of mine.
…this, by the way, is why I hated Big Bang Theory. I may “get the joke”, but I’m not obligated to find it funny.


First of all… No!

Well it doesn’t have to be depends what you are on the spectrum, Like I’m what was formely called Asperger now som dumb sub category of Autism!?

But I’m (according to real tests) smarter then most people (no not an IQ test) (and yes today that doesn’t say much)
I just have hard time with social stuff(I real life) but great at a lot of things.(Tech, Cooking, logical stuff, orientation, and more).

As with Linux it used to be mostly tech savvy people that dabbled in Linux (like an old friend of mine who is IT manager who introduced me to Mandrake Linux in early 2000s.

But now everyone is coming over to the Penguin(tux) side!

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It’s quite the opposite.
People who can’t engage with Linux/Open Source Software are most likely autistic.
OTOH, when an autistic engages with Linux and OSS, they are improving their autistic condition.

There is a lot of proof on this, if you examine non-Linux users on their psychic state (the majority of people). Look how the world has become because of them. :wink:


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I see a lot of people here in denial :rofl: Just accept the tism.



I mean willingly using it was a strong sign of autism for a certain time period (from roughly 1998 to 2012 or so).

Until, depending on who you ask, windows 8, 10 or 11 happened.

Now it’s just good sense to use Linux instead of the alternatives.

But just being interested in it was never a sign of autism.

Case in point: I saw this, and figured it was a good time to start learning to use Linux.

Just in case…

Then I saw the privacy nightmare of Windows 10; Straight up spying on users, plenty of evidence, Microsoft not even trying to hide it but it’s fans still defending them, pretending it wasn’t true (and then eventually when they realized they couldn’t even pretend anymore, defending that microsoft should be allowed to spy on users).

Not to mention their terms of service declaring that all files on your windows pc are to be shared intellectual property between you and microsoft :clown_face:

That was when I decided it was a good time to start using Linux. Permanently.


Once I heard that people who run Linux on their desktops are masochists.
Well, it might be true but on the other hand, haven’t people using proprietary systems without a specific use case developed the Stockholm syndrome?

Personally, I think being in one team or another has nothing to do with being on the spectrum, unless you’re very evangelistic about your choice of OS.

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You just named it!
I was always wondering how can this even happen, people complaining and cursing M$ and windoze but still refuse to live without it!

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The reason is a lot more simple. Time and effort.

Switching from windows to linux requires time and effort, learning to use linux to the same level as you knew how to use windows if you were just a little bit of an advanced user takes a lot of time, and quite a bit of effort too.

What these people want, is Windows without the bad shit put in it by microsoft. And linux is not that. Windows 7 is mostly that, i mean there were some nsa backdoors in it but that’s the extent of it, quite harmless compared to 10 and 11. And linux is unfortunately not a time machine that brings you back to the glory days of Windows 7.

They don’t want to have to learn to use a new operating system that’s orders of magnitude more complicated, and they certainly don’t want to use MacOS which is orders of magnitude more simplified (as in dumbed down to the point of barely even being usable by anyone with more than 50iq)

So just using windows, with the bad, is the path of least resistance for them.

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I hope you allow me to agree but partially with you. (Just my point of view).

The real problem is that all computers are already sold with Windoze already preinstalled.

If they are sold without it preinstalled, and people have to think, should I but Windoze or just get a Linux CD or DVD from my friend for free.

Think of it this way, after a long trip, you reach your hotel room, you enter and you find the hotel has put for you some “normal” burger sandwiches. Across the street or a block away a new amazing restaurant with delicious food is launching and letting anybody in for dinner for free celebrating the launch. You can even hear some people in the street saying how delicious is the food, how perfect is the restaurant.

Most people will think, Oh, the burgers are OK with me, why do the effort to walk a block to that restaurant.

I just thought what if Suse, RedHat, Canonical (Ubuntu), agree with computer manufacturers to make their computers dual boot the preinstalled Windoze and a preinstalled Linux. I am just thinking!

I can see the result, people will “try” the Linux, and in a few years they will ask for it, as a single boot not dual boot.

For ease of use there are some distros that are really user/beginner friendly. (I won’t mention any for now)
Oh, this topic can be another thread (I hope)

I looked up the definition of Autism.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition involving persistent challenges with social communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior.

I guess that makes all distro-hoppers people with autism since that’s a repetitive task. :wink: :rofl:


I am one of them then! But hey, not that repetitive as I normally don’t distrohop frequently to the same distro, same desktop, same settings… etc. It is always different if I even returned to the same distro.

Maybe we should add virtual machines users to the group.

Me, too!!! :rofl: :crazy_face:


To use your analogy, let’s say that they go there and they order something and they find it is inferior to what they had before at the hotel. What then?

We here like to pretend that things are all rainbows and sunshine, because after a while, you get used to it. You realize Linux’s shortcomings and strengths. We here decided that Linux’s strengths outweigh its downsides. For some people, it won’t be the case.

Take video editing, for instance. Adobe Premiere and its suite isn’t available. So that cuts a large portion of prosumers and straight up professional users entirely that want to switch. Davinci Resolve is available, but from what I’ve saw, it is more limited than the Windows or Mac version, so that sucks. What do we have as alternatives? We have Kdenlive, which, while it is certainly capable, compared to Premiere or Resolve, it is water gun stuff. We have Openshot, which is even more limited. We have Blender Video Editor, which I haven’t heard a single thing about besides the fact it exists, I think? I haven’t done research on it on that admittedly. And… that’s about it as far as I know. Same can be said about photo editing too.

You might think that’s a small piece of the puzzle, and you’re right. Not everybody is a video editor, but it does eliminate a demographic that is usually more kin on trying things out. Complete normies, with zero interest in computers will never use Linux unless forced to or convinced to try it out by someone they trust. We pray on people with some level of knowledge and interest in this topic, not the most average, common Joe, even if Linux can do their tasks more than okay.

You can call this behavior anything you want. I, personally, call it disinterest. If you’re disinterested in something, you won’t even do a thing regarding it. Much like how you have things you’re disinterested in, so do other people, and for many, that disinterest is in computers, and I don’t think I can argue against that.

Also, I will be honest, I don’t exactly like you misspelling Windows intentionally as a way to do a joke. I find it a bit disrespectful. There are a lot of flaws with Windows, I agree, but I still think it is worthy of some level of respect, if not for Microsoft, for the people who try their best to develop it, even if they’re forced to do shit like Recall.

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