"Do nothing" when closing the lid

Hi all, I’m really enjoying this new OS, as the title say what I’m trying to do is very simple, I want the option for me to just close the lid without doing anything so that when I’ll open it I’ll simply find the screen on and no password prompt.

Which DE(xfce/gnome/kde/etc) are you using?

You’re right, I’m using xfce.

If I remember correctly, you can define it in system settings -> energy management. You can choose between different events (do nothing, suspend, shutdown).

That was the first thing I tried, I have four options there, the closest to what I’m looking for is “turn off screen” but still when I open it I have the password/user prompt.

You can use “passwd --delete username” to remove the password of a user which would just require hitting enter at the password prompt IF the login manager supports passwordless login. You may have to change the login manager you are using to another. You can google on “login manager no password arch linux” and possibly get more info.

Try terminal command:

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Yes, I disabled the screen lock from there and it worked. Thank you!

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