Do I need to create a pacman hook if I am early loading nvidia modules using dracut?

I want nvidia modules to load early so I don’t have to deal with low-resolution during startup or when booting to a terminal.

And looks like EOS uses dracut instead of the Arch Linux default mkinitcpio. So I went with dracut to early load nvidia modules.

But what I want to know is do I have to create pacman hook for when the kernel is updated? Or is that behavior something EOS configures by default?

We already rebuild the dracut images when the kernel is updated. The purpose of the hook is for when the nvidia drivers are updated but the kernel isn’t.

I believe nvidia-inst will install that hook if you used it to install the drivers. If not, you can install nvidia-hook which is a package in our repo.

I need nvidia-470xx and nvidia-inst doesn’t support those legacy drivers.

So I installed nvidia-470xx-dkms, nvidia-470xx-utils and nvidia-470xx-settings from AUR.

Will nvidia-hook work for legacy nvidia drivers?

It checks for nvidia-470xx-dkms so it should work.

All it does is rebuild the boot images when the nvidia drivers are updated.

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Thank you.

I installed nvidia-hook.

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