Do I need kernel.yama.ptrace_scope = 1?

Checking the chrome://sandbox/ I get:

I found a solution for the Ptrace Protection >> here

Do I need to implement that solution?

Your screenshot states

You are adequately sandboxed.

I would interpret this as the answer to your question - do I need …

Usually the 1337 answer to that is - If you need to ask - you don’t …

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Of course I realized this. But I thought if there is any explanation to that “yellow” last item. If the fact that it is there would imply some “vulnerability” in the sandboxing? And if the proposed solution in that thread is legit and viable?

I might not need it, but I need to ask :wink:

Forgot to mention in OP that I found the following document on yama but since it is above my understanding of such things at the moment, I felt the need to ask the question:

Information provided by the browser should always be viewed as information.

Unless you are seeing red flags all over - you don’t need worry.

On my system it makes absolutely no difference.

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But being me, the yellow flags trigger me as well :wink:

I won’t worry about it. I will keep digging a bit to see if I get a better understanding of what this “yama” is.

Thanks for your replies!

Let me know if you dig something interesting up :slight_smile:

Mostly it is like Mark Twain said - wise words - if you ask me

I have been worried about a lot of things in my life. Most of it never came to happen.


That’s a good one! I’ll keep that in mind.