Dkms install --no-depmod exited 10

This discussion is in 2 threads now. I suggest this get merged with the poster’s main thread.

Booting issue is resolved, thanks @s4ndm4n . But the glitch with 470xx nvidia driver issue is still there. So i would like to keep this post in Open state.

users reporting it does build again and working fine.

Hi @joekamprad , So the glitch issue also gone ?

Not the glitch his referring to the dkms driver build issue. But when it comes to the display glitch I don’t think it’ll be fixed anytime soon because it needs to be fixed up stream.

yes the glitch … Is may not resolved… i can not really test the situation regularly because the machine with the GPU is my daughter’s PC she is using it most of the time …
But what even is the issue ? We do not know anything about. Would need to research about similar or the s<me issue with more information.

some results with similar issues…