Divested Computing (DivestOS) needs community support

Divest Computing Group, the umbrella project behind DivestOS, a series of applications ( among others Mull browser) and other projects in the open source Android ecosystem is in need of economic support.

You can read more about Divest’s different projects here.

If you appreciate the work being done in this area, no matter by what project or if you use them or not, and if you can, you might want to consider to redirect some units of your preferred currency to this project.

:coin: :arrow_right: https://divested.dev/pages/donate

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Looks like yet another MobileOS that doesn’t support Samsung Z Flip 5 :roll_eyes:

Well, that is part of the issue.
Developing for new devices requires having access to them. That costs :moneybag:


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Hmm. Are you saying if I donate a device to them, they will support it?

I didn’t say that exactly. I said:

If you want to donate a device, by all means, do it. Contact the developers and ask them if they want and can support it.

Get a Pixel. It’s the phone to support for developers it seems. Unless there’s some major change, it’s the only phone I’ll buy for the foreseeable future.

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If Pixel released a flip instead of a fold, I would’ve, but I just can’t go back to traditional smartphones after owning a flip. The flip is very compact and fits nice in the pocket. Probably the most practical smartphone IMO. It’s the first time I’ve held onto a smartphone model for longer than a year.

I think I’ll donate, I use Mull as my main browser on my phone. :heart:


I use Mull and Librewolf myself, but hot damn does it break a lot of websites. I keep ungoogled-chromium as a backup.

Well, the trade off is you can’t use Graphene lol. We all get to make choices

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Oh believe me that trade off stings everytime I think about it. The best option for me is to wait for the pixel flip which looks like it’s actually going to be sooner than we think.

GrapheneOS supports the pixel fold so almost certainly they will support the pixel flip when it debuts.