Ditto Menu is ready for Plasma 6

Ditto Menu is back :heart_eyes:


I noticed this earlier

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Just started akregator and saw it in my news feed

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Are there any directions for manually adding this menu? I downloaded it and looked on the Github but didn’t find any directions for how to install the download.

In your downloaded .tar.gz there should be a “ReadMe.md” with instructions.

There is not one, it’s what I looked for right away after I downloaded it from kde.store.org

It appears I might need to install ocs-url in order to install this - even a manual install? I thought I might be able to copy and files somewhere and be able to try it…

I just downloaded it from the link above. Maybe another version?
Edit: Sorry, my fault. It’s for translations.

Copy to here after extracting

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Thanks, @smokey, that worked. I thought there was a way I just couldn’t remember.

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