Distrobox is amazing!

Basically dual booting but in terminal. The ability to use Fedora/Pop!_OS with arch linux is truly amazing! I am able to use AUR in a “safe” and contained environment. Truly, the dev deserves a lot of credit for what he did.
Has anybody gave it a try? Give your opinions here! Gobble gobble!
Only wished I could run endeavouros inside distrobox…but it’s arch so…gobble?

Link : https://github.com/89luca89/distrobox

Pros and cons of using Distrobox
+Ability to “dual boot” a linux distro in a contained environment
+Works on almost all distros
+Consumes little to no resources (the package itself, not the apps running in the containment)
+Runs pretty well and I had little to no issues
+Cam export apps in your main distro.
-Limited distros (you can’t use distros in distrobox that are not in some websites that will show up in terminal. They will either complain you have limited access or none at all.)
-You need to “export” the apps in your main distro if you want to use them. If you uninstall the app before removing it manually using distrobox, it will be stick in your main distro until you remove it manually with a file manager of sorts.
-Terminal only. No GUI (as far as I know?)
-Pamac and/or similar apps won’t work. Needs further testing.
?Games from the AUR weren’t tested either.
!“distrobox enter --name {NAME OF CONTAINER}” needs to be run every time you open up the terminal in order to access your container. Can be solved by adding a custom profile/shortcut. Haven’t tested that yet.


This is amazing…
I’m a big user of of vm so i want to try this. Are you using it on EndeavourOS?

I tried on Fedora and Pop!_OS. It should work on Endeavour but I don’t find the point of doing so unless you want to use apps in a contained environment or something (I use arch in distrobox because of app availability and easy of access)

So you install distrobox and podman and other steps?

I used Fedora to test out Distrobox. I just used “sudo dnf install distrobox” and then created a container. It’s a bit hard to setup. What I used was "distrobox-create --name {NAME OF CONTAINER} --image archlinux.
If you use EndeavourOS, I am pretty sure it’s in the AUR or in the official repository so it will install all the necessary dependencies?
After you created the container, you need to run “distrobox enter {NAME OF CONTAINER}”. Pretty sure you can create a terminal shortcut to launch a profile that runs the command automatically.

Ya i just ried it on EOS and it’s trying to download stuff from fedora to get going. I don’t understand enough about it yet. Will it work if i run Fedora in a vm?

By default it downloads a fedora iso. What you are doing right now is creating a fedora container inside distrobox. I added a link to the github that has the tutorial. I hope it helps. Gobble gobble!

Ya i am looking at it but again a lot of these videos don’t really explain much. Theya assume too much that everyone watching it has as much knowledge as they do.

I wish I could properly explain the steps I did, but I haven’t practiced my English in quite a while.
Let’s start from 0. What distro are you trying to install in distrobox?

Okay… i am installing Fedora silverblue in vmware just to see if i can make it work with something since it’s already set up? Let me try some things first to see if i can see it in action. Maybe it don’t work in vm?

Yes i installed distrobox and podman on EOS but when i tried to create a container it tries to download stuff from Fedora instead of letting me create a container. Well see what it does on Fedora.

I’m not really understanding it . Need to read more. :confounded:

I will try to use EndeavourOS on a live iso tomorrow and send you the instructions. Is that fine for you?

Okay …so i have done it on EndeavourOS using distrobox and docker.


So i understand it a little bit more but :exploding_head:


So i guess now i need to figure out more. Such as how to get other images so i can load other distro’s.

you have to set up podman before you create a container, then it works

sudo pacman -S podman

sudo touch /etc/subuid /etc/subgid

replace username with your username
sudo usermod --add-subuids 100000-165535 --add-subgids 100000-165535 username

podman system migrate

yay -S distrobox

for example i have installed alpine linux

distrobox-create --name alpine --image alpine


I used Docker?

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i tried it with docker but it didn’t work

It worked on Docker for me after i enabled it and started the service.

Edit: But I have to use root in the commands because i don’t know how to change things to give it access and i don’t want to mess things up. :thinking:

I tried it with docker, there was an error message that docker daemon is off. then i tried the command dockerd, it didn’t work. I’m not familiar with docker, so I tried podman.