Distrobox, and why we should fork with a GUI

I am sure some of you had heard about this already because there’s a previous thread professing the miracle that is Distrobox. But I have a different plan in mind. Something I cannot execute upon, but wish to impress as a means of making it viable for people to try all EndeavourOS has to offer, without installing the system multiple times.

We fork it. Not only should it be forked, it should be given a user interface to control what the user can do, and work only within those limitations. Here’s why; EndeavourOS can host these images of EndeavourOS with various desktop environments — including the community editions — and allow end-users to change the desktop environment in use with the GUI interface so that when a user changes what desktop environment they wish to try, the session ends after a fork is made, then a dotfile is generated to define what box the bash shell runs. The GUI interface should represent the information in this dotfile, and the fork should be able to change and redefine whichever box is used on-demand.

Here’s the good part — if the box requires specific components, those components should also be handled in the GUI. Each box can then be super-minimal — since you need the Internet to set this up anyway there’s no point in getting rid of the XFCE environment, but the XFCE environment should also be initialized as a box. This means then if someone was to connect online and try out other desktop environments, in an effort to conserve disk space the previous box should be deleted upon login as an XDG autostart script.

I am sure we can make this happen. This can have key benefits that avoid people needing to use Ubuntu, Fedora and Manjaro to try out different desktops before committing with EndeavourOS. Let’s not lean on these offerings and give people the option to try out things beyond XFCE so they can make a choice of interface with less reboots, less re-installation and greater confidence in their selection. Since it’s all live, it all goes away upon reboot anyway so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Disaster isn’t spelled miracle.

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This will never get my support.


I don’t see why this couldn’t happen. It probably doesn’t even require any programming knowledge.

Distrobox is just a front-end for podman.

I think you should give it a shot.

Docker is also an option — Distrobox supports that too, so it’s a matter of preference.