Display problems

So I dual booted Endeavour alongside Windows, but it wouldn’t pick up my main monitor, so I tried to fix that but I accidentally disabled my functional monitor, so now I’m stuck with 2 black screens whenever I boot up Endeavour. Help

Explain how you tried to fix it that caused this problem?

I went to the display tab where the monitors are and I tried fiddling around but I accidentally pressed on the disable button for the monitor that was still working so there’s that

I think if you boot and press ctrl alt f1 and log into your user account and then.

rm ~/.config/monitors.xml

Then log out and press

ctrl alt f7

Log back in

Edit: If you can’t log into a tty then you’ll have to do it another way.

Edit: I assume you could also arch-chroot to do this by booting on the live ISO.


well I reinstalled the system. So how do I make it so both my monitors work now?

Okay. First of all what is the hardware? Is it a laptop that you are outputting to another monitor? Is it a desktop with two monitors? What desktop did you install? Please provide more information such as the hardware. Provide the link from the command along with some answers to the questions and I’ll see if i can help.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog