Disk encryption file is mising when trying to add second encrypted drive?

So I was following a disk encryption on additional drive guide. Pardon if I improperly formatted the link. And I remember it going flawlessly the first time I tried it a while back, and now I get “Failed to open key file”. Interestingly enough, the “/crypto_keyfile.bin” that is used in the guide, and that I used when I was following it, is no where to be found. I am not sure what I should do. Should I reinstall? Is there another guide/resource?

Did you use systemd-boot or grub when you did the install?

Is your root filesystem encrypted?

I used systemd-boot and the root filesystem is encrypted.

When you use systemd-boot, there is no keyfile created.

If you use grub, there will be a keyfile.

Ok. Thanks!

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