Discussion about Linux distributions and their future

I came across an interesting episode of Linux Downtime podcast wherein they discuss what exactly is a Linux distribution and how does their future entail with the rise of immutable-filesystem-based OSes like Fedora Silveblue, Steam OS, and openSUSE MicroOS, containerization, hypervisors and abstraction layers like WSL.


I feel this is an interesting topic and want to know your thoughts on this.
Where do you think Linux Distributions are headed?

I’ve been playing around with NixOS lately, and I think they are on to something (note - I’m very late to the game). It is really cool to set up your entire system based off of a couple config files with your desired end state and have the system build up to your needs. That and the way it handles packages makes a lot of sense. It makes it extremely easy to roll back to a previous state…


Security and containerization. Flatpak, pipewire, wayland.

Linux kernel would be written in Rust language in the future, perhaps be better protected than C against memory errors or vulnerability.

New drivers and kernels would be fully or partially migrated from C/C++ to Rust, this is what Linus Torvalds recommends, I think.

Benchmark of C and Rust are similarly fast. You don’t notice performance difference between both.