Discover app missing in fresh install

Hello Everyone,

Recently I installed endeavour os kde plasma. When I was installing the softwares I noticed discover was missing. When I searched in pamac it showed install option. Discover app comes built-in or should we need to download it??


We don’t include discover although you can install it yourself.

However, using discover(or any other packagekit frontend) to install repo packages is not recommended on Arch-based distros.

Packagekit has no support for manual intervention which is required when installing, removing or updating packages on an Arch-based distro.


The discover app is in the Arch repo. You should be able to install it with sudo pacman -Syu discover

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thanks i thought it came with the os …

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Thanks for the reply … I am using pacman and yay … will stay with that :slight_smile:

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Discover is pretty amazing frontend for Flathub, so if you are into that, then it’s a good idea to install it as an updater / update notifier for flatpaks.

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Its also a good tool for finding plasma addons, installing and updating them.

I don’t know if its a feature or bug :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but since multiples months, discover stopped proposing to update Arch packages.

It will only do that if packagekit-qt5 is installed. Maybe it was removed?

You’re right, I was sure I had it installed but apparently I didn’t.
Hum, what strange is that before you should have packagekit-qt5 installed for using Discover. Apparently last time i reinstalled my OS, i forget about it but Discover didn’t seem to care anymore :person_shrugging:

After some investigation :

I use generally pacman -Qm for knowing if i have “foo” package installed. Look like its not a good way for doing it.

So am i crazy or discover should be able to update Arch packages ?

As far as I know, it has never been required by discover. At least not as long as I have been using it.

That shows you “foreign” packages. These are packages not from the repos. So basically AUR packages or packages you installed from a file.

It should, yes. Does it show you the repo packages if you click on “Installed”.

You right. He complain about not having any backends. After installing flatpak, discover work as intended. I think reading to fast and seeing peoples saying to install packagekit-qt5 misled me.

Sometime i’m a dumb-dumb :smiling_face_with_tear:

Yes, i can even see “Discover - PackageKit backend” in the listing.

In settings, i can see the 4 repos and i can’t uncheck them. Also i always set Flatpak as the default source, maybe its related ?

Since i use yay for updating, i should probably remove packagekit-qt5.

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