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Hi there everyone. I note that Discord in their wisdom decided to upgrade to 0.0.17 and when you try to open our latest version 0.0.16 we are given a couple of options to upgrade which means unless I’m on Debian based system or want to build it from scratch via a tar ball I can’t use the desktop app version of it (of course I can use the browser version). I can build it from the tarball however given it is in the repo’s how long does it normally take before it get upgraded? No rush, just a question hoping someone from EOS might be able to answer. Here is what you are currently greeted with when trying to open it now :slight_smile:


For best results, wait until the package is updated in the repos, do not update it yourself manually.

Difficult to say, probably a couple of days…

That’s really strange. What happens if you select “I’ll figure it out”?

It closes and quits out of that notification screen. I know I’ve tried it just now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, that sounds like a garbage application, but that’s none of my business…



Because the binary protocol isn’t just magically incompatible every time the version gets bumped, you can get away most of the time with adding


to the .config/discord/settings.json. A normal update of discord should come within the next few days which fixes the version incompatibility.

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As @DromundKaas mentioned, there are ways to circumvent this, but I found that can mess up things at times. I would recommend just waiting for the repo package to get updated. This usually happens within 24 hours. If you really cannot wait that long, there is always the option to use it in the browser, or to switch to the nightly version (Discord canary it’s called I think?).

Thanks for clarifying @TheRaOct , I have so far no experience as to how that changes the Discord usage, I only found and applied the workaround today.

you can do this if you are in rush to use it


Thanks everyone. I think I’ll just wait for the repo to update as this is my main workhorse and trying to avoid messing things up. Like I said I can always just use the browser version if I need assistance. I do circuit board repairs and talk to a lot of engineers and independent repair owners and that’s why I use discord.

Thank a bunch everyone for responding so quickly. :slight_smile:

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it just landed in the repo

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Not for my location. I’m still getting 0.0.16-1

Perhaps refreshing your mirrors to get more updated ones might help.

pacman -Ss discord
community/discord 0.0.17-1
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or running pacman -Sy to sync with your mirrors first :wink:

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For some reason took a little while but it finally appeared. I actually did all the above and it was still showing 0.0.16-1 on the Australian repo. Looks like it has finally caught up now though :slight_smile:

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I just installed “Discord Canary” :slight_smile:

I just now updated to 0.0.17-1, and can report that adding


worked well in the meantime, and an update later on brings you up to speed.