Discord not working with pipewire

hi, i’m having a problem with pipewire. Discord is not recieving sound nor outputting it, and it seems that this only happens with my audio interface(which worked ok with pulseaudio). What i do is: i route my usb mic to my interface, so i can adjust it’s volume and mute it from it. but, discord only seems to work if i use the mic direcly. it used to work with pulseaudio, i could go back to it, but after i was messing with jack, it broke all my audio settings which i cant seem to recover from, so i started using pipewire, that, at least got my audio back. any suggestions how to fix that? thanks in advance!

Yeah… that’s a bit vague. You’ll need to be a bit more specific.

Do you have pipewire-jack installed?


As i said, i was not able to route my mic to my interface anymore.Now i can, but discord does not work with it. yes, i have it!

What does this mean, and how are you doing it?