Discord-like Chat for EndeavourOS

Hi Guys,

did exist a official IRC-Server/Chat or Discordserver for EndeavourOS?

If not, what is about a Chat/Talk Server like Discord for EndeavourOS? But instead Discord, it would use Revolt (https://github.com/revoltchat). Revolt looks and feels exactly like Discord. But totaly open-source and possible to self-host.

I could sponsor a Server at Netcup (Germany) for that. I could host and manage it too. But than it wouldnt be official (because i would have control over it, and not the endeavour team).

Telegram would be your best option. We already have the forum here, telegram, and reddit. Not a need for yet another chat platform, and many of us aren’t really ok with the closed source code of Discord on top of it. Plus it seems even more redundant to have yet another way to chat about EOS.


There is a Matrix’ room as well though not that populated at times.


Great, I didn’t know that.

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#endeavouros on Libera also exists. Someone needs to keep Ringo company…

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Is that bridged to the telegram group by any chance?

I think it was at some point but it was removed later.
I guess @ringo should know more about it.

Yes it was. Ringo created it for users in countries like Iran, who couldn’t reach the Telegram group due to government blocking of Telegram.

Ah ok. I dont rly like Telegram of the same reason like whatsapp & co. But this didnt matter :slight_smile:

Thats why i linked revoltchat. Its look like Discord, but isnt Discord. Its open source and you can self host it.

Ah nice! Then i must give it a visit, somehow. (because libera chat seems to block every VPN :frowning: ).

Just out of interest, what would be the benefit for you to use an IRC chat over Discourse?

Instant messengers feel way more interactive… For technical help, long lounge topics, forum is well and good.
But for shorter conversations, I prefer an instant messenger.

Edit: Also feels redundant to create new topic for every off topic thing… I talk a lot on discord, but they don’t really deserve dedicated topics :sweat_smile: An instant messenger just makes it easy to pop in and pop out.


Okay, thanks for the clarification. Well as said before you can join ringo and there is an unofficial Discord group also.(don’t know if it still exists)

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It exists, and is quite active :wink:

Link for anyone interested

Disclaimer : The server is unofficial


i had tried bridge matrix - tg. problem if you use common bridge with that numbers of people the bridge get issues here and then, and its only more problematic.

tg itself is pretty active, there also relies problem of buffering.

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