Discord freeze my games

Hello everyone,

I’ve started EndeavourOS few weeks ago and I’m loving it so far.

I have a small problem though. When When I’m in game with discord up my game freeze for a second everytime someone chat with me. I think is the notifications that makes me freeze.

Does anyone have a clue for this kind of problem?

Thank you

It’s funny how many times I can share my experience and actually help people (at least I hope so).

A few years ago I had the exact same problem. Turned out Discord tried to send notifications to my desktop (which it was allowed to do), yet as I had not started the notification service this blocked the whole OS for about a second or two before it resumed. I was under XFCE during that time.

My solution was just to enable and start the notification service, and the problem went away.

Good luck.

It’s seem like you had the same problem but my notification service should be running. I’m on KDE Plasma.

I’ll check that out.

Thx for the help

How’s your problem currently looking?