Disappearing mouse cursor

I just got one week ago a new laptop as a secondary pc. Been trying through all my favorites distros but haven’t even heard of Endeavour so figured might as well try it out. It’s insanely comfortable to use with GNOME3. Had few problems installing whatsapp but otherwise it’s been by far my favourite as I do like arch base. It’s just there’s one new problem since first restart after the installion. Mouse cursor keeps on disappearing so I have to find buttons to click in blind. I do have mouse connected to it but even touchpad cursor disappears the same. Any ideas?

EDIT: It actually works now but when it wasn’t working? Had settings and other similar windows open… I am quite fluent with linux systems but it’s just I don’t even know where to begin with a problem like this. It’s 2015 laptop(with 8gb ram) so not much in a way of driver upgrades. Also it seems like only happens when whatsapp-for-linux is running. Could updating the kernel from the installer version help?