Disabling password at the lightDM login screen

Hello there !

I would like to deactivate the login with password in lightDM.

How can I do it ?

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  1. Open /etc/lightdm'lightdm.conf in nano or VIM or nvim like so sudo nano /etc/lightdm'lightdm.conf.

  2. Scroll down to [Seat:*] section.

  3. Find and change this line from #autologin-user= to autologin-user=<you user name>

  4. Additionally you can uncomment these lines autologin-guest=false and autologin-user-timeout=0

Now save (Ctrl + s then Ctrl + x only for nano) and close your terminal.

Your user account needs to be a part of the autologin group. To add your account to the user group do the following.

  1. groupadd -r autologin
  2. gpasswd -a <your user name> autologin

Now you’re all set to log in without using your password. But this is really ill-advised. If you need further details you can find it here.

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Thank you very much !

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