Disabling audio devices entirely

I want to disable my monitors “speakers”, going into Pulseaudios Audio Mixer and going into configuration to turn off the profile for the device doesn’t work, as over a span of a few days it just resets. Same if you put volume down to 0%.

My front I/O sucks donkey and occasionally unplugs my headphones, so I don’t want my monitor blasting distorted noise whenever that happens. :sweat_smile:

hello, what office environment do you use - thank you.

If you use pavucontrol you should be able to set the configuration profile for your devices:


If this “resets” then either someone is resetting them, or your devices are disconnecting and reappearing as a “different” device (which could be due to e.g. a bad USB cable).


Ah, so if my PC goes to sleep, the monitor shuts off, that would probably do it. Unfortunately I’m stuck with an HDMI connection which carries audio too.

The name stays the same, it just goes back to defaults.

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Ah, yeah, HDMI audio can be annoying as the device can even be detected as a “new” device each time the monitor goes into standby…

The monitor might have its own built-in audio controls though?

There should also be some way to disable PulseAudio’s handling of the HDMI port… almost like the opposite of this:


Or maybe blacklist the HDMI audio module…



I feel like an idiot now.

There is a “Volume” option that doesn’t go below 1%, but that’s good enough.

The options menu for the monitor is awful and the overwhelming majority of it is greyed out as it doesn’t support literally any of the features. Should’ve explored it more initially.

Thank you for racking your brain a little. :slightly_smiling_face:


To Oziach:
I don’t appreciate the language you use in your second paragraph. It isn’t necessary, is it?

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